The sparkle souls have been called to cosmic duty. We’re pooling our creative energy and spirit power, and igniting exponentially to be the change, to dream our becoming reality, to blast love light into everyeveryeverything.

Sparkle Souls was born in 2015...

...when Amelia Whalen was looking for a place to share excerpts from the book she was working on. Supported by her creative friends Lesley, Kate, and Angel, she started hosting a monthly art share around a hand built stone table under a unicorn skull in her Tucson backyard.

Over the years, the location has changed and the sparkles have grown.

In 2020, Amelia started compiling the work shared at Sparkle Souls gatherings and submitted from far away Sparkle Souls in sparklezine.

see sparkle souls on the youtube! (click screen below)

Charming Plumage (click image to view website)

Charming Plumage (click image to view website)

Sparkle Soul founding member, Lesley Newman's book Charming Plumage was published in June 2021!

Click the image above to visit and learn about its FREE DISTRIBUTION!

Subsistence farmer Maeve and her nephew Finn have noticed birdlife dematerializing. Charming Plumage is the story of how their present and their futures meet in a personal drama that parallels a planetary one.

Printed sparklezines available for sale

Use the contact form below to request. $5 each for pickup in Tucson // $10 each mailed out of Tucson.

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